Spring’s a Knocking!

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Private View
Spring’s a Knocking!

Ah, the joys of Spring.

While we are not quite out of Winter’s grip, there are definite signs that the seasons are changing. On a good day , you can feel the warmth in the sun.

During spells of quiet calm , free from gales and rain, you can hear birdsong.

The clocks have sprung forward and nights are brighter.

Here are a few of my recent paintings for your viewing pleasure.

Have a great day, Spring is on it’s way!

Have a great day from Woolacombe artist Steve PP.

Coming Back Along

It’s always a joy to see the sunset moving back up along the horizon as we move through Winter.

18″ x 8″

Coming Back Along. Woolacombe winter watercolour painting from the Steve PP art gallery.


Devon With A French Twist

What would you get if you took a sleepy, springtime Woolacombe street , an iconic hotel and added some Parisian pavement cafes? Can you smell the freshly ground coffee?

30″ x 11″


Woolacombe/French watercolour painting from the Woolacombe art Gallery of Steve PP.


Almost Spring On The Sundial

The daylight hours are stretching out again as Winter starts to pack it’s bags.

12″ x 9″

Almost Spring On The Sundial Watercolour Painting from the Woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.


Taking On Provisions

Taking a few last provisions before casting off.

12″ x 9″

"Taking On Provisions" Ilfracombe harbour Watercolour painting from the woolacombe Art Gallery of Steve PP.