2020 Steve PP Fine Art Calendar.

Sold Out!

2020 Steve PP Fine Art Calendar.

Contemporary Coastal Impressionist paintings by Steve PP.


11" x 8"


***Sold out!

Enjoy a different Steve PP painting for every month of the year.

Ready to hang on your wall.

Twelve gloss images, spiral bound one per month on 230gms paper. Each month comes with a month to view planner below the painting.


Enjoy the coast on your wall every month of the year!

Twelve individual paintings, one for each month.

21 x 28 cm wall calendar


jan 2020 Steve PP Calendareb 2020 Steve PP Calendarmarch 2020 Steve PP Calendarapril 2020 Steve PP Calendarmay Steve PP 2020 Calendarjune Steve PP 2020 Calendarjuly Steve PP 2020 Calendaraug Steve PP 2020 Calendar

sep Steve PP 2020 Calendaroct Steve PP 2020 Calendar

nov Steve PP 2020 Calendardec Steve PP 2020 Calendar